Cactus High School Robotics - Team 498


Here, I will place as much of our training resources as are available. right now, this is what I have:

Joe Melnick's MEP 101 Series

This series of slides was developed by one of our engineers to aid the new club members in their understanding of how robots work

Cover Page
Mechanics 101
Electonics 101
Programming 101

Brian Underhill's Programming Helpers

These files are little helpers that Brian developed to help you better understand the code and the idea behind our joystick control system (quadratic).

Robot Function table.doc
Quadratic Joystick Control.xls

These are the actual program files for last year's robot. feel free to download and view and edit to try different configurations with the robot!

In order to make them work in Parallax inc's editor, rename the .txt files to .bsx--Freeservers has some problem with bsx files. You can still edit the files in Notepad if you want (they are just basic text),

Default program
Default program Template
Our Program

Because these files are viewable in internet explorer or whatever you use, you may wish to right click on the links to download them. To get the acutal software editor for the programs (instead of usin Notepad) go to and download BASIC Stamp for Windows.

There will be more soon hopefully as it becomes available.... meanwhile, check out our links page to find some other useful information!