Cactus High School Robotics - Team 498
Week 6

What a hectic week! Late nights, early mornings. Wow, I'm surprised I survived.... well, not really, we had food (thanks to the Molnars! you guys are awesome!). we got our robot mostly debugged, and generally working! We also made it on 12 news. Well, I think we were all stressing out about the deadline, but we pulled through it okay. Now it's break time! thhis has been LONG awaited. after arguments, and misunderstandings and long hours (32 hours this weekend alone), we all deserve a break.

Congratulations guys, we have successfully created Monkey Version 2.0!

Week 5

It's been a crazy, exciting, stressed-out, fun, hard work week. Our robot is progressing nicely. We almpst have many parts of it completed.

I've been rather stressed out though, personally. I have to deal with all the robot building stuff, and homework, and taxes, and the FAFSA, and college junk. I'm seriously going crazy. I don't know if I will have the animation done, or even partioally done on time (I'm the only one working on it, and I haven't got much so far...). I'm really looking forward to the shipping day. Despite all the craziness, I still manage to remain hopeful, and I'm trying to be optimistic.

I'm hoping we can scrape up the dough to take ten or elevn kids to Nationals this year. It would be a real shame if we had to settle for less. Oh well, it is really nice to see all these guys working hard to get our robot done.

Keep up the good work guys! we only have a week left, and then we can relax a little bit!

Week 4

I am very proud of our team. We have accomplished much this week!

We had a presentation at Honeywell on Tuesday that went FABULOUS, despite some of our nervousness.

We have our chasis nearing its final completion stages. Most of it is already machined, and we are assembling the sepearte parts. THANKS VITRON!

Our electrical group has come very far in the pinouts for the control system, and we are anticipating a control panel sometime next week.

Our Chairman's Award Team has completed many interviews, and much of our video taping.


Week 3

Unfortunately, this week was kinda slow. We were hoping to have our chasis completed, but that didn't happen. Word on the street is that it will be in on Monday. Well, Saturday's meeting was cancelled because of a sick dog. I guess that's okay because we really didn't have anything to do anyway. I expect that next week, things will really kick into gear, because we will have something to work on. see ya next week!

Week 2

Well, This week was quite exciting I guess. We have nearly completed the constructoin of our goal. We have recieved a grant from P.E.E.F. Free money is great. Anyways, so far things are going a little slower than I had hoped, but thye are going. I hope to have our robot completed and into the testing phases in the next 2 weeks. Well, I guess that may be shooting too high... but that's what I'm HOPING for anyway. I hope to at least have a driveable chasis done next week. That'd be great.

The first week is finally over

As the title says, the first week is FINALLY over. Well, we accomplished alot during this week and I am proud of the team. It's so nice when everyone gets along for the most part. This rarely happens.

I'm very excited about the weeks to come as we will be doing the actual building (my FAVORITE part).

I hope everything comes out okay, but our design isn't too complicated (at least as far as I know), so it should be relatively easy.

Welcome to the Journal!

You are probably wondering what I made this page for... Well, I decided I wanted to jot down my weekly thoughts on anything that happened in the past week. So, Expect to see some random thoughts, opinions, and feelings from me about stuff in our club!

If you would like to be a part of the journal (like contribute your own journal entries), let me know! I encourage you all to take part in the development of the site! I can give you your own journal section.... e-mail me or something!